Gesture-Based Controls May Be a Hardware Killer

Throughout three Iron Man movies and two installments of The Avengers, audiences see Tony Stark flip through designs on his holographic display and zoom into virtual cityscapes by spreading his hands. His character can pull out a piece of evidence from a crime scene by pinching it from the air and he designs pieces for his super suit by pulling components from screen to screen. While this may merely be a touch of movie magic, The PSFK 2017 Forecast, a new report from PSFK Labs, explores how immersive computing like Stark’s is turning the body into a controller and making digital experiences both immersive and interactive.

As UX, UI, and product designers plan for the future, incorporating this concept will ensure their experiences stay focused on the future.

While Stark can manipulate his screens with his only his body, those of us in the real world still need some help from wearable tech. The Gest controller is a hand mounted wearable that senses every flick, point, pinch, grab and twist to translate it into intuitive controls for software on Photoshop to music on Spotify. Its four finger mounts send information from 15 accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers to a central hub mounted on the back of a hand which interprets the movements into actions.

Turning a dial can adjust brightness in Photoshop, a vertical fist pump can save a file in Microsoft Word, and air typing can provide a keyboard input....more