For World Vasectomy Day, men encouraged to 'get whacked for wildlife'

Concerned about the overpopulation of our planet and the effect it has on wildlife? Perhaps it's time to talk about the most effective form of male contraception.

The idea of getting "whacked" probably isn't very high on any man's list of things he'd like to have happen to him, but when it comes to helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies, it might be the best choice he can make, short of living a celibate lifestyle.

With a population of some 7 billion and growing, the Earth is experiencing unprecedented pressure on its ecosystems, and while we don't have any definitive answers yet to the question of how we're going to feed and clothe and house and provide power to all of us, we can make a difference over the long term by trying to keep our population in check. And while female birth control has been an effective solution to that end, by helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies, it's also a decidedly gender-specific one, and one which leaves literally half of the population out of the conversation....more