This Band Lost $3,000 At Their Record Release Show in LA

I need to start off by saying that an incredible album dropped last week. You should go and listen to Vulfpeck’s Thrill of The Arts right now. It’s funky. It grooves. It’s soulful. There are some fantastic guest vocalists on there. And guitarist Blake Mills (producer of my favorite album of the year, Sound and Color by Alabama Shakes) is on it.

Go listen to it on Spotify. Why? For the irony of course. The reason the name Vulfpeck sounds familiar to you is most likely because you heard about them through their “Sleepify” album. Remember that? These were the guys who put up a silent album of :30 second songs and encouraged their fans to put it on repeat at night while they slept. They made $20,000 before Spotify took it down claiming it was against their terms of service.

+After $20,000 Is Raised, Spotify Rips Down The ‘Sleepify’ Album

This stunt got people to actually check out their real music – and it’s pretty darn good. Vulfpeck just raised $55,000 from 1,673 backers on Kickstarter for their new album which they released this past Friday night to a sold out crowd at the 600-cap Teragram Ballroom in downtown LA.

Vulfpeck is an odd band. They don’t seem to handle any of their business the “right” way. Or any way that’s been done before. They are unapologetic music nerds who pride themselves on groove, tones and musicianship. And seem to throw a middle finger at the business (of music) at every chance they get.

At the show, the two front men, Jack Stratton and Theo Katzman traded off between drums, guitar and keys. Stratton cracked music-nerd jokes all night, referencing the kind of pickups his tricked-out strat had and how it was going straight DI (you could hear every guitarist in the room collectively gasp). He bombastically yelled through the mic asking Katzman if there was compression on his mic. When Katzman shot back “yeah” Stratton yelled “liar!” Katzman played a guitar solo consisting of 5 notes but he sold it like it was the greatest solo ever performed and made some crack about the kid in jazz band who does that. Then he made a joke about counterpoint (I studied that sh*t for two years in college and he triggered my PTSD). He yelled “who here was in jazz band.” Deafening roar....more