Rohan Gunatillake: You Are Not Your Work

At the heart of any creative endeavor often lies fear; fear of missing an opportunity, of burning out, of not scaling, or fear of failure. In this presentation, Mindfulness Everywhere Director Gunatillake reminds us of the humanity in an often cold business world—and how to never lose sight of the fact that there is another human being at the other end of the screen.

Rohan Gunatillake leads Mindfulness Everywhere, a creative studio making products which combine meditation, technology, and design. Rohan is best known for making Buddhify, the urban mindfulness app which helps you bring awareness, calm, and kindness to even the busiest of days. Alongside his work as a meditation entrepreneur, Rohan has a specialism in digital innovation in the arts having led major programs with the Edinburgh Festivals and national arts funders in the UK. He is a trustee of the British Council and in 2014, rightly or wrongly, Wired magazine named him as one of 50 people who are about to change the world....more