PHOTOGRAPHY: Seascapes by Ray Collins

Many photographers capture close-up photos of ocean waves, but photographer Ray Collins has a portfolio of wave shots that stands out. His images of “Seascapes” show waves frozen in time, captured to look like vast mountainous landscapes of solid rock and ice.

Collins purchased his first camera back in 2007 to take some photos of his friends surfing around his hometown, but within just a few years he was shooting images for companies like Apple, Nikon, and United Airlines.

The photographer now spends enormous amounts of time at sea, working to capture moments in which the waters form just the right shapes and structures in his frame.

A large collection of these Seascape photographs have been published in a photo book titled “Found at Sea.” The first edition has already sold out, and the second edition is in the process of being printed. It’s a 184-page hardcover coffee table book printed with art paper that contains a “visual journey of Collins’ most iconic images to date.” You can purchase the book from Collins’ website for $79 AUD (~$60). There is also an online storefor individual prints....more