Getting to know you through data visualisation – a hand-drawn project

Designers Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi, who live in London and New York respectively, have been getting to know each other through the medium of data visualisation in a postcard project.

Lupi (left) and Posavec posting cards to each other

For the past six months, designers Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi – who have met each other twice and live 3,500 miles apart – have been getting to know each other through the medium of data visualisation.

The pair have set up Dear Data – a project which sees London-based Posavec and New York-based Lupi send each other a hand-drawn postcard each week, revealing personal or everyday information about them such as journeys they have taken or the number of times that week they said thank you

As well as exercising their drawing skills and producing some interesting and beautiful postcards, the pair say they also want the project to tackle preconceptions about data and provide a counterpoint to “big data” – massive datasets that organisations are increasingly trying to analyse and take advantage of.

Posavec and Lupi describe Dear Data as “an art project that challenges the increasingly widespread assumption that ‘big data’ is the ultimate and definitive key to unlocking, decoding and describing people’s public and private lives.”

They add: “Dear data is an attempt to show how data is not scary and is not necessarily ‘big’ but is ever-present in everyone’s lives. One needs to know almost nothing about data to start collecting and representing it – just a pencil, a notebook and a postcard.”...more