ILLUSTRATORS - A Documentary

Is this the reason why in the world of publishing, journalism, media, illustration is used so often? Be it the cover of a book, or the fact it matches an article, or that it allows to make an infographic or commercial, illustration, still or animated, it has become the key to success and awareness of a variety of newspapers and magazines.

But who lies behind the image? An illustrator, naturally.

The work of a freelance illustrator is a "new" job, especially in Europe, also if from some perspectives it could be considered as ancient as printing. Nowadays illustrators are recognized at an international level, they earn a lot, and travel to find new sources of inspiration.

How do you become an illustrator? How does an image come to life? How much time does it take to create a personal and recognizable style? What steps do you have to take to become famous and work for magazines, websites and international newspapers?

ILLUSTRATORS is a documentary that asks these questions to four Italian artists, who are wide world famous and have been awarded many prizes and recognitions: Alessandro "Shout" Gottardo, Emiliano Ponzi, Olimpia Zagnoli and Francesco Poroli. Four people who, through talent and technology, have managed to pursue their dream.