13 New Social Sites Worth Checking Out

When it comes to social networks, the newest players are smaller and more exclusive. Some are invitation only. Others are niched–available only to members of a specified group. Most of them are mobile-friendly. They may even leverage other social media platforms.

Today’s new social media sites may become the giants of tomorrow. Witness the rise of Pinterest. For that reason alone, it’s worth checking these new tools out.

13 New Social Tools

Here are some new social tools that web designers and others may be interested in (in alphabetical order):

1. BeFunky. This Instagram competitor is both social media and a software app. The easy-to-use tool lets you modify your photos using wide variety of built-in filters and overlays. When you’ve got your photos just the way you want them, use the tool to share them on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter. There’s also a BeFunky gallery where you can display your best images. A basic account, that limits your resolution, is free. Paid premium accounts are also available.

2. Bloomfire. This community-based tool is all about sharing information. It uses a collaborative approach to gather relevant and accurate information to the needs of businesses. It’s also not free, although they offer a free trial. Technically, the company refers to their product as a knowledgebase, not as social media site. It also integrates with many established social networking sites. This type of paid sharing site may well be the future of online social communities.

3. Branch. The purpose of Branch is to foster high quality conversations. As opposed to the typical status updates found on most social media sites, I suppose. The platform makes use of other social media tools, most notably Twitter. To participate in a conversation on Branch, you have to be invited. However, anyone can see a Branch conversation. A Branch conversation can be embedded into a post, such as this one found on a post at FastCompany.

4. Flipboard. Did you ever wish there was a magazine designed just for you. This mobile-friendly app lets you aggregate your online favorites from your social networks in a simple, yet compelling magazine format. It’s a great new twist on social bookmarking. Designed for a mobile environment, your Flipboard will run on your iPhone or iPad. However, Flipboard recently announced that magazines created through Flipboard can be seen through most web browsers....more at Vandelay Design