Concrete That Can Heal Itself?

Concrete is the world’s most widely used building material. In an average year, the world uses nearly three tons of concrete for every man, woman and child--and concrete is only beat by water when it comes to materials used by humanity. That precious grey stuff is funneled into constructing bridges, buildings, and yes, sidewalks each year. Now, researchers in Korea are reporting that they’ve created an inexpensive and environmentally friendly coating for the inevitable cracks in concrete.

The problem with most concrete, say the researchers in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, is that concrete often develops a spiderweb of tiny cracks--cracks that allow water, salt, and road salt speeds concrete’s deterioration. "Although several reports of self-healing anticorrosive coatings for metal protection have appeared, there have been no reports on self-healing protective coating for concrete," say the scientists....more at Co.Exist