Driving in the Bike Lane Shame

As cities have begun to see the financial and health benefits of cycling infrastructure, bike lanes have been popping up in more and more places throughout the world. Unfortunately, there are still some motorists who would scoff at that idea. They are, after all, in a car, so everyone else better get out of the way, cyclists be damned!

That's where Los Supercivicos come in, bravely protecting bike zones in Mexico City from self-entitled motorists who would use it as their personal luxury lane.

In this segment from the show Houston Programa, the civically-minded TV presenters quite epically confront offending drivers with a healthy dose of shame. 



Cap guy: Bread!, Bread! Breaaaaad! Few are the spaces that have been given to us cyclists, for us to transit freely without any type of accident; and on top of that, well people doesn’t respect them. What this city needs for it to stop being chaotic is spaces for bicycles. So respect, because if you don´t, the Supercivicos are going to kick your ass!

Cap guy to red toyota: No no no no no, don´t invade the designated bike lane. Back up, because you are commiting an illicit. Be careful, easy now, we’re going to help you. Ok now, give it to ur car for have doing that, but don´t do it again, we´re watching….

Supercivicos to black toyota:
You´re gonna have to back it up now, sorry, you’re in vehicle prohibited lane (sic). I´m sorry this lane is destined for bicycles and the busee. Thanks for your civility, thanks a lot!

Supercivicos to honda and others: …You´re going to have to back it up…And a taxi coming back there…, you’ve got to leave. Be it Honda, Ford or Volkswagen, we are not going to move because this lane belongs to us. It´s a bike and bus lane… No No, careful ma’am, you’re not passing, we’re sorry. Think before invading it. Do you know how many of these are for us to transit?...more translation at Treehugger