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The time has come for us at Not2Misc. to say goodbye.  We've been at it for many years and feel the concept has run its course. We have a long list of creative ideas we want to pursue and the timing feels right to start something fresh. Thank you for your loyalty and interest all these years. A special thank you to all the artists and musicians we've loved and supported through the years:

Music makes everything better. Music is our companion through life, healing us, motivating and moving us. What you do is essential to the human experience. As long as there are ears to hear it, keep making music. 

Keep indulging those creative urges, those images that flash in your mind. Get it out and into the world. Follow the muse. 

If you already feel yourself going through music withdrawals, you can follow our chief music mistress Britt Sekulić on IG, she frequently posts her favorite songs on IG Stories. Our taste in music will live on through her. 

Life is short. Do it all. 



Teens know social media is manipulative, but are using it more anyway

The organization Common Sense Media released a research report on Monday that aims to paint a picture of the role that social media plays in teens' lives. Entitled 'Social Media, Social Life,' the survey covered topics like how much and what kinds of social media teens use, as well as how they feel about these apps, how social media makes them feel about themselves, how it affects their relationships, and more.

Teens' social media use has increased by 36 percentage points since 2012. Unsurprisingly, their favorite apps are Snapchat and Instagram (Facebook is for communicating "with my grandparents" — not even parents, now... ouch)...more 

ART: Matthew Stone

Overwork isn't heroic: Tips from established creatives on how to be a success without overdoing it

I’ve been talking to lots of friends in the creative community lately about the subject of overwork. How there seems to be a conversation, not just in Manchester, but all over the world, that you can’t be a success without burning the midnight oil.

People boast about it. Share pictures on Instagram of their laptops on their beds at weekends. It's like "overwork" has become a badge of honour. That success only comes from half killing yourself. And many of you are angry about it, for good reason.

However, this is where it gets confusing (and frustrating) for me. Because one common trait that I’ve seen in successful people during my 20-year career is that they have, in fact, worked very hard to get where they are. Many don't admit it. Or show off about it. But they’ve “served their time”. And made many sacrifices along the way. They're driven, determined, ambitious. They're always thinking about the next big thing.

Did they ever suffer burnout? Push themselves too far? It's likely. But for many, they’ve since found balance. One can assume that those occasional “burnouts”, a symptom of overwork, probably made them reassess things. Perhaps they were able to find that balance because hard work gave them an easier life, i.e. they were finally able to charge more for less time, hire outside help or their side project eventually paid off. Maybe some initial pains gave them lots of gains....more 

Ocean Cleanup Targeting 80,000 Tons Of Plastic Waste In Pacific Ocean

There are dreamers and there are doers. Boyan Slat of the Netherlands is both. 5 years ago at the age of 18, he founded The Ocean Cleanup, an organization dedicated to removing plastic debris from the oceans of the world. To date, it has raised $20 million in funding, which has been used to create 5 prototypes and more than 270 models of systems it hopes will begin cleaning up plastic waste in the world’s oceans.

The latest version is named Wilson, in honor of the volleyball that became part of the adventure in the Tom Hanks movie Castaway. Wilson is composed of 60 floating booms joined together in a U shape. Each boom has a 10-foot deep skirt attached to it that will collect plastic pieces larger than 1 centimeter in size, according to a report in The Guardian....more 

Captivating video shows a superpod of dolphins chasing prey in California

A video has captured a spellbinding sight: At least 1,000 dolphins rushing through Monterey Bay in a superpod, creating a spectacle as they track down their morning meal.

The video was taken by The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. Dolphins typically swim in pods of a few dozen at a time, but a superpod sighting is rare, especially so close to shore. (However, there were reports of a superpod of 100,000 dolphins near San Diego in 2013!)

Seeing hundreds of these creatures together, racing after billions of baitfish, is mesmerizing....more 

MUSIC: Sylvan Esso - Funeral Singers (feat. Collections of Colonies of Bees)

MUSIC: Wild Dog · Lisa Bregneager