To Get Good at Something, Practice Less, But More Frequently

All musicians have a different approach to becoming their very best, but whatever your practice, it will inevitably include some version of running scales. There is a great deal of tedium in being good enough to keep up when inspiration strikes. Unfortunately, this has translated to many a miserable afternoon for pressured kids at the keyboard. But we’re adults now. Let’s practice smart, not hard.

On the subreddit /r/ProLifeTips, user u/banana__phone brought up an old tip they’d gotten from their former piano teacher in a post:

"My piano teacher told me it’s always better to practice 20 minutes every day at a skill rather than 60 minutes every 3 or so days.

This has helped me, at least. Especially if I set a timer aside. It sticks with me longer and I find I improve that much faster if I set aside time every day for what I want to get better at."...more

Layer launches "unhackable" wallet for storing cryptocurrency

Benjamin Hubert's design studio Layer has launched Trove, a digital wallet and app system that allow you to store your cryptocurrency without fear of loss or theft.

Layer collaborated with fintech startup Trove to launch the products, which are designed to make it safer and easier to store and manage digital currencies such as bitcoin.

The system keeps cryptocurrency offline, making it less susceptible to hackers, and also incorporates smart security systems, making it much harder to lose if you forget your password. The designers call it unhackable and unloseable....more 

Mythical Creatures and Greek Gods Leap From Waves Captured off the South Coast of England

As a child, photographer Rachael Talibart would sit on a deck near her family’s home on the South Coast of England and imagine the mythical creatures that would form and instantly evaporate inside the crashing waves. As she grew older she studied the sea monsters described in Homer’s Odyssey and used this education to fuel her current series, Sirens. Instead of merely capturing the haphazard way waves might form during violent storms, Talibart uses a fast shutter piece to freeze the water into sculptural shapes that appear like gods or monsters rising out of the sea.

In several images, faces can be seen at the forefront of the wave, charging above the sea in a powerful arc. The faces are hauntingly present, as if a monster is truly locked in the tumultuous sea. “For me, the ocean will always be a potent source of inspiration,” Talibart explains. “It makes small, unimportant things of us all yet, at the same time, it is exhilarating and profoundly life affirming.”...more 

Learning how to fix bicycles is opening new career paths for teens

High school students often have limited options as graduation looms. While many are expected to go on to college, for some, that's not necessarily the best choice.

Bike shop owner Berri Michel was having trouble finding good employees and mechanics for her bike shop and wondered why there was no education outlet for students interested in the field. She had an innovative idea. She wanted to offer students the chance to learn bike mechanics, while picking up some career-building skills they would need to excel in any workplace.

"We envisioned it being similar to how the auto industry spearheaded the creation of high school auto shop programs back in the 1930s," Michel says. "So we set out to create new generations passionate and knowledgeable about bikes. And it’s such a fun way to learn!"...more 

Help crowdfund a new illustrated book about the History of Rock up for kids

The History of Rock (for Big Fans and Little Punks) is a book for both children and adults with "the first-ever complete and Illustrated History of Rock music." Created by Rita Nabais and Joana Raimundo, it was first published in Portugal last year as a smaller version but an overwhelming response lead to them expanding the book, and reaching for the international market....more 

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