Let's Be Greedy When It Comes To Our Rights

In politics, millennial women should assert their needs above all else — after all, that is what democracy is all about.

Women spend a lot of daily energy trying not to take up too much space, keeping their complaints to themselves, and attempting not to rock the boat. If that weren’t bad enough, millennial women have the added criticism of being part of the generation blamed for the country’s laundry list of economic, social, and cultural pitfalls — this includes everything from the unpredictable side effects of the gig economy to the downfall of fabric softener.

We all know that millennials have been dubbed the
most entitled generation in history; we get called selfish and self-centered — particularly when it comes to issues around identity. And when women in particular ask for policies around equal pay and/or better treatment on par with their male peers (you know, like not being groped by a sitting Senator) we get slammed for not “taking one for the team.”...more 

ART: Nikolas Antoniou

Remote control of the brain is coming: how will we use it?

Controlling the minds of others from a distance has long been a favourite science fiction theme – but recent advances in genetics and neuroscience suggest that we might soon have that power for real. Just over a decade ago, the bioengineer Karl Deisseroth and his colleagues at Stanford University published their paper on the optical control of the brain – now known as optogenetics – in which the firing pattern of neurons is controlled by light. To create the system, they retrofitted neurons in mouse brains with genes for a biomolecule called channelrhodopsin, found in algae. Channelrhodopsin uses energy from light to open pathways so that charged ions can flow into cells. The charged ions can alter the electrical activity of neurons, influencing the animal’s behaviour along the way....more 

Is the ketchup packet the new straw?

Don't knock it: Small changes keep the conversation going.

It doesn't seem that long ago when Heinz was redesigning ketchup packets to make them easier to use in a minivan, but that was seven years ago. Heinz recently announced another redesign to the ubiquitous packets of ketchup, this time one that's more sustainable.

The company recently announced that it aims to make all of its packaging "globally recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025," according to Bloomberg. That means difficult-to-recycle packaging for products like ketchup packets, Capri Sun juice pouches, and the individual wrappings for Kraft Singles (Heinz and Kraft merged in 2015) will go through major overhauls because they use foil and plastic that are fused together. The materials aren't easily separated and therefore difficult to recycle, particularly in municipal recycling programs...more 

The face behind a stock image: How I gave away my face for free

If she is not welcoming immigrants to Canada and Uruguay, Shubnum Khan is selling carpets in New York City, leading treks in Cambodia or looking for love in France.

Her face has been on a McDonald's advert in China and one for sedation dentistry in Virginia.

But the truth is, the South African author and artist has done none of these things.

It all started in 2012 when a friend in Canada posted a picture to Shubnum's Facebook page. It was an advert promoting immigration in a Canadian newspaper....more

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