50 artists, 50 limited edition t-shirts on "censorship" to raise money for Amnesty International

Everpress and Amnesty International have joined forces to launch 50/50, a collaborative exploration of a single topic – censorship. Fifty limited-edition t-shirts have been designed and produced by 50 leading artists on this theme, including Liam Hodges, Careaux, Octavian, Thierry Noir, Hetty Douglas – all to encourage discussion and raise crucial funds for the human rights organisation.

The t-shirts are on display at an exhibition at Protein Studios in Shoreditch and are on sale at everpress.com until 28 June. Each t-shirt costs £25 and half the profits will go to the designers while the remaining will go to Amnesty.

"Censorship is often the thin end of the wedge when it comes to human rights violations," says Kate Allen, Amnesty International UK Director. " Time and time again, we’ve seen cases of brave human rights defenders in repressive countries being subjected to censorship, then threatened and harassed, and then finally jailed or even killed. We’re delighted to be working with Everpress and this incredible array of designers to raise awareness of the evils of censorship."...more 

Short time horizons keep it fresh

When do we do our best work? When we’re excited about something. Excitement morphs into motivation. We do our best work when we’re motivated. A great way to stay motivated is to work on something new. No one likes being stuck on a project that never seems to end.

The typical project

The typical project starts out great but then our motivation and interest wanes as time goes on. It’s natural. Staying interested in a project over a long period of time is a challenge for anyone. The longer the project the thinner the tail. You’re not going to do your best work in the tail....more

Listen: Stephen Hawking's final message to humankind

It's hard to start any sort of Stephen Hawking article without sounding like you're fawning all over the (now, sadly passed-away) theoretical physicist. He was a true lion of his time. His understanding of time, space, and physics was so incredible that it could be many, many years until someone comes along that's anywhere close to him. And he was humble enough to go back over his old work and update it, and even to (repeatedly) poke fun at himself. Not many super-brilliant dudes can say that.

On Friday, June 15th, Stephen Hawking was interred at the prestigious Westminster Abbey in London next to Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton. Directly following the service, a song featuring an edited version of his 2015 speech at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting and set to music by the German composer Vangelis was beamed into the nearest black hole, named 1A 0620-00, about 3,457 light years away. A copy of the song was also given to attendees at the service. A black hole is a fitting place for his voice to travel to: Hawking had spent much of his life researching black holes, and one can imagine that he'd be a little giddy at the news....more 

Bleak Time, Bold Moves: The State of the Digital Nation 2020

Jules Ehrhardt’s provocative observations on the state of digital consultancies comes with a message of hope for those in the industry.

Jules Ehrhardt made waves in 2016 when he published State of the Digital Nation, a raw and honest look at the major forces threatening the digital consultancy industry. Two years later, the seasoned digital exec has done it again with State of the Digital Nation 2020, painting a bleak picture of the agency landscape, pointing out flaws in the model, and urging creatives to consider their options.

The new publication coincides with change in his own life. After leaving his post as co-owner of ustwo, the digital product studio behind the wildly popular mobile game Monument Valley, Ehrhardt launched FCTRY in May. A “creative capital studio,” the company acts as an advisory for early-stage technology companies in return for equity.

In the interview, Ehrhardt shares his views on why now is the time for new thinking in digital. So are we all doomed? Nah. Amid change, there is always opportunity....more 

Got a locker full of stuff? Deposit it in the Furniture Bank

Why are so many people renting lockers when the stuff can be put to good use by people who really need it?

The self-storage business is simply huge. According to Adam Minter of Bloomberg, in a post titledSomebody's making money off all our junk:

"Today there are roughly 54,000 self-storage facilities in the U.S., which is home to 90 percent of the global self-storage inventory. Those sites hold 2.63 billion square feet of rentable storage — an area roughly the size of Palm Springs, California, golf courses and all."

Minter notes that while much of it has to do with consumerism, a lot has to do with other factors including "disruption, serving as a temporary resting place for the stuff of the dead, the recently divorced, the downsizers and the dislocated."....more 

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