Adobe and Moleskine cross the boundaries between analog and digital

Whether documenting a meeting that thoughtlessly thrown doodle during a phone call or a handwritten sketch that simply can not be ignored in the course of a creative process - which previously had to be transferred laboriously from analog to digital can be synchronized immediately easy. have For with Adobe and Moleskine together found two true masters of their craft and developed a notebook with the Moleskine Smart Notebook, which almost automatically digitizes all notes and drawings contained herein. are About page markers in notebook and using the associated app data directly in the Adobe Creative Cloud loaded and can then - are simply processed digitally - without lengthy or complex transfer processes. The Moleskine Smart Notebook connected to the Adobe Creative Cloud can online from now Moleskine be ordered and is available from December 2014...more 

100 Questions to Break the Ice

Every meaningful conversation starts with a good question. Here are 100 to help kick things off. Makes for a great dinner party companion. Via 

The World’s First Circular Keyboard

Although the piano wasn’t born this way, Lady Gaga’s lead keyboardist, Brockett Parsons had to have something just as unconventional as the shows he was performing in. With a team of “mad scientists” his vision of a circular keyboard that surrounds him was made a reality. The team consisted of Chuck Johnson- point man who gathered the team, Dave Starkey- the electronic man of QRS Systems, and Richard Fell- the piano pro who made it real. His round keyboard, which he lovingly nicknamed the “Brockettship” made it’s debut in Seoul, South Korea for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way 2012-2013 tour. With a mission to “re-imagine the world of keyboard performance and deliver ground breaking, performance grade keyboard creations” the PianoArc was born.

Rather than the traditional 88 keys, the PianoArc consists of 3 full keyboards, totaling 294 keys. If you look closely you can see the separate boards that come apart to make the instrument transportable. The height and tilt can be adjusted as well. See this masterpiece in action in the videos below. For more information on the PianoArc, including a quote for your own, check out their website....more

Neil Gaiman on comics and scaring children, with Françoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman

It's a challenge to be a children's book publisher and want to put out something genuinely haunting in today's climate. We all know children have to be protected from experiencing anything too real. So we filmed Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly with Neil Gaiman at his new house in Woodstock to talk about comics and children and exposing them to fear and dark material in books.

Gaiman says, "I think if you are protected from dark things then you have no protection of, knowledge of, or understanding of dark things when they show up. I think it is really important to show dark things to kids—and in the showing, to also show that dark things can be beaten, that you have power. Tell them you can fight back. Tell them you can win. Because you can, but you have to know that. And for me, the thing that is so big and so important about the darkness is it’s like in an inoculation. You know you are giving somebody darkness in a form that is not overwhelming—it’s understandable. They can envelop it, they can take it into themselves, they can cope with it. And, it’s okay. It’s safe to tell you that story, as long as you tell them that you can be smart and you can be brave and you can be tricky and you can be plucky and you can keep going."

Hansel & Gretel by Neil Gaiman and Lorenzo Mattotti will be released on October 28, 2014 by publisher TOON Books. More about the book here: toon-books.com/hansel-and-gretel.html

How to Survive a Berlin Winter

We’ve said it before: Berlin only has two seasons, summer and winter. As soon as it’s too cold to spend whole weekends in a beer garden or barbecue every meal, Berliners start ominously whispering “winter is coming”, as if they were Ned bloody Stark. Sometimes this is meant as a hint – “time to go back to your tropical homeland, sunboy” – but some of us are genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of Berlinoobs. If you’ve only been to the city during one of its long, blissful summers, and you come from a hot country – one that doesn’t even have winters – then you’re going to need all the help you can get.

So here’s our handy guide to surviving a Berlin winter, illustrated by Josh Bauman, the talented bastard behind Caffeinated Toothpaste:

Layer up!

You’re going to need a killer winter wardrobe of fur, capes, long johns and serious boots. For inspiration, look to this outfit Zoë put together, or, well, Ned Stark. But until those fleamarket trips pay off, you’ll have to make do with what you have. Upend that single suitcase you brought when you moved here, and lay out all those bikinis, bermuda shorts and belly tops. Now put them all on. As soon as you find a cape or a Jack Wolfskin coat big enough to cover all that shit, you’re set!...more 

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